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A Vision for the Future of Child Care
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Our Toddler program offers both full-time and part-time schedules. This program focuses on hands-on exploration and social interaction in safe, engaging surroundings to help your child learn about his/her expanding world. Through the loving guidance of our teachers, toddlers enjoy learning experiences that promote their blossoming independence and social skills and foster self-confidence. Toddlers are given the time and opportunity to participate in purposeful work to explore language, music, movement, art, practical life and fine/gross motor activities that meet their individual developmental needs. This busy age spends time exploring nature daily both inside and outdoors. Everyday our teachers work with our Toddlers as they develop their attention span, coordination, feelings of security and independence, and participate in individual and group games, world music, story time, and art.

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Waiting list registration is provided through the Region of Waterloo One List. If you require fee assistance, please click here for information from the Region of Waterloo Child Care Subsidy office.

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"Butterfly was my first choice for care for my son. I have peace of mind knowing he is well taken care of by qualified educators."

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